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We know how important it is to you to know what you're buying. So, we have complied the test results from every strain we have released and, hopefully, made it easy for you to find what you're looking for.


Whole Plant

Full Spectrum Extract


1 GRAM jar

Banana Breath (Divine Kush Breath x Dirty Banana) - Urban Canna

Blue Cookies - Pistol Point

Blueberry Muffin - Livetia Farms

Bruce Banner - Dank Bros

Candy Cake - Deterra

Caked Up - Louis Vuchron

Cookies n' Cream - Flowersmith LLC

Chocolate Hashberry - Dank Bros

Dirty Bananas - Urban Canna

Don Mega - Rosebud Growers

Don Mega (batch #2) - Rosebud Growers

Donny Burger - Eugreen Farms

Double Barrel - Coldframe

Gelato Cake - Urban Canna

GMO - Livetia Farms

Gorilla Tape - Deterra Farms

Grape Octane - Coldframe

Grape Octane (Batch #2) - Coldframe

Grape Ape - Coldframe

Jildo - Flowersmith

Gorilla Mintz - Coldframe

Lava Cake - Donny Burger

Lemon Dawg - Deterra

Lemon Taffy - Emerald Cannaworx

Lemon Royal - Donny Burger

Magic Melon - Livetia Farms

MAC #1 - Coldframe

Mac #3 - Dank Bros

Mendo Breath - Headspace

Memory Loss - AAA Farms

Monkey Bread - Pistol Point

Nigerian Silver Haze - AAA Farms

Orange Cream - Cloud House

Peanut Butter - Eugreen Farms

Platinum Punch - Cold Frame

Platinum Dosi - Cold Frame

Platinum Dosi Batch #2 - Cold Frame

Platinum Mintz  - Cold Frame

Platinum Kush - Coldframe

Purple Punch - Livetia Farms

Roasted Garlic Margy - Cold Frame

Roasted Garlic Margy Cold Frame (batch #2)

Sugar Cane - Cold Frame

Scooby Snacks - Cold Frame

Sour Patch Kids - Dank Bros

Sour OG - Livetia Farms

Sour Orange Peel - Deterra

Strawberry Guava - Gorilla Guys

Sundae Driver - Eugreen Farms

Sundae Driver - Pistol Point

Tangie Banana - Deterra

Tart Pops - Cold Frame

Wedding Cake - Dank Bros

Wedding Bread - Epoch Farms

Zaza + Burner Phone - Cold Frame

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