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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Extractioneering's line of Pulp has been around for three years. But, never here in Oregon. We are able to create Pulp because we work with such incredibly small batches. After we create an extraction, which can take weeks or months to fully finish, we mix and match the smallest batches together to develop Pulp. Choosing which strains to mix together takes the utmost finesse and understanding of how Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavours work together. It's really our chance to shine, it’s a blend of our virgin outcomes, selected to create the most beautiful combinations of strains. It’s a post-extraction blend that allows us to develop a more curated experience.

We search for the best material and the best cultivators and when we make our HCFSE, that is attributed to the grower, with the full strain details, linked directly to the cultivator who made the resin. For the Rind, HCFSE and HTFSE, each strain we work with is organized by Farm. For each producer, we create their very own individual webpage on our website, with farm information as well as the test results per strain. Of course, all the farms we choose to work with good and great strains. The extract process is an art, every result has a little bit of variance, which, we expect, because, every batch of cannabis is different. And because of this variance, we don’t know what the outcomes will be, until after it’s been extracted. If a small batch extraction meets our already incredibly high standards and there is enough of it for it to make sense financially to have it tested on it's own, it joins our HCFSE line. An extraction that has the capacity to be an HCFSE is incredibly rare, which is why it's sold in half grams and is usually twice the cost of Pulp, which is multiple HCFSE's together. Curated for perfection, of course, but also created because of the incredibly small batches in came from would not be suitable for testing based on the small quantities extracted per strain.

Those that develop into our Pulp line are blends of a few or many extracts that allow for a wonderful experience. Because we provide both the Terpene, Cannabinoid, and Flavour profile on our product packaging and online, you are able to choose your adventure based on science. No more wondering if this particular extract has enough Humulene to help combat your anxiety. Or if there is enough Beta-caryophyllene to help you with pain management. Because the top six terpenes results are right on the box. No more wondering how much THC-a there is versus THC. No more wondering if there is enough THC-a vs THC to decarboxylate into CBN for your insomnia, because, it's... you guessed, right on the box.

It's simple supply and demand economics that result in our wholesale prices. Retail prices are completely out of our hands, we urge consumers to consider and take into account the many difficulties and costs it takes to run a dispensary and applaud them for continuing to serve cannabis to the people,

despite this extremely uncertain time.

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