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What makes Extractioneering Extracts Different?

Extractioneering uses cured material to create its extracts, from material that has grown to full maturation and has the full potential of the cannabis plant. 

Cured cannabis has more beneficial biomolecules than unfinished, frozen, plant material. In fact, cured cannabis has a greater variety of terpenes and flavonoids, providing a true Full Spectrum experience. 

The full entourage of beneficial biomolecules are in cured cannabis. Any successful grower knows that the pheno-hunting is the best way to ensure the most superior genetics are passed from one generation to another. 


We make sure our products are consistently excellent. By testing our products ourselves we can stand by the quality of Extractioneering. And users will always have an enjoyable experience.

customer service

Our customer service 
representatives are available. If you or have questions, we have answers. Reach out via our Chat option on the website, social media or email and someone will respond to you within 48 hrs.

no refrigeration needed

Aren’t you tired of having to refrigerate all of your extracts? With Extractioneering, you won’t need to. Our products are shelf-stable and only get better with age.


All of our packaging comes with a QR Code that correlates to a page on our website for maximum security. Testing is easily available, right on your phone or computer. 



High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract is Extractioneering’s liquid extract, the crowning achievement of our patent-pending extraction process. HTFSE usually tests at around 55% THCA and greater than 13% terpenes. HTFSE is Made without distillate or colour remediation. It's a single extraction with no added terpenes.

These products are desirable due to the absence of solvents but that also prevents the elimination of many undesirable plant biomolecules that sour the flavor and compromise the experience.

Extractioneering uses all forms of fully cured cannabis material and extracts the full complement of cannabis biomolecules. The better the material, the better the result. We retail the best extractions to pass along the finest cannabis experiences to our customers.



High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract

The Extractioneering’s liquid extract, the crowned achievement of our patent-pending extraction process. HTFSE can only be made using Cured Oleoresin. It is never, like any of our products subjected to colour remediation or clays, which strips the extract of it’s “Full Spectrum” potential. HTFSE usually tests at around 55% THC/a and greater than 10% terpenes. 

Prior to processing a batch of Cannabis, we analyze the biochemistry to predict the best winterization conditions that result in a native balance of oleo-resin molecules perfect for vaporization. 

We stand by our extraction method, scientific analysis, and biochemical evaluation. These processes create a level of quality that will match or exceed all extract products to date. We will only retail the best of all extraction results. All the rest will be transitioned into high purity products.

0.5 GRAM 

Our White Tip Cartridges are made of  ceramic. From the Mouth piece all the way to the coil itself. The White Tip Cartridge is filled with the same strains we choose to fill our vials. Often only batches with less than 100gms total are put into our White Tip Cartridges.

Always Small Batch.



High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract

HCFSE stands for High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract. This extract is in the crystalline form where THC/a percentages can reach 90+%’s. 

The accurate product composition is critical to repeat performance and reliability. Most important is the product transparency that no other company can deliver today.

Extractioneering only works with material that you can find on the shelves. Working with farmers who specialize in the most excellent fully cured grows allows us to ensure the very best quality extracts. This is why we believe batch size is so important. It tells you how special each extraction is. You can now find the batch size on each package. 

“If you wouldn’t smoke the flower, why would you smoke the extract.” - Razia Hayden, Director of Sales, Extractioneering.


We created 5150ies back in 2016 to meet the demand for a slightly stronger experience. So we created non-CRC Diamonds and added them to our most terpy of HTFSE to create our OTR.

Through our scientific manufacturing approach, we are able to create products that have reproducible effects on those purchasing them.

Product consistency and expectation is the only way that confidence and relevance can be derived from user experiences.

‘5150ies HTFSE on the Rocks’ 
HTFSE poured over THCa diamonds comes in a dabbable jar form.  




RIND is one of our greatest values made from the most flavorful and potent material available, indoor trim.  Indoor cultivators operate in controlled climates that allow them to grow cannabis deep into maturity where the resins turn amber and the potency skyrockets.  These deeper colors result in more orange and redder executive extracts and darker winterization outcomes.

RIND has a powerful amount of THCa, which gives it a great kick, that may aid in relaxation after a long day of work. It is still apart of the Full Spectrum family of extracts, granting access to the entourage effect, plus, RIND has a high THCa, above 90% of non-active THC.

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