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Although we do an outstanding job capturing the full spectrum of cannabis biomolecules with our solvent extractions, we admit that rosin and hash are full-spectrum concentrates as well. These products are desirable due to the absence of solvents but that also prevents the elimination of many undesirable plant biomolecules that sour the flavor and compromise the experience. Through the use of CO2 as a Cosolvent, we are able to protect the molecules during extraction so they are bioavailable in the final product. Our process results in a true Full Spectrum and the test results show it.

Extractioneering uses only the best dried and cured cannabis material and extracts the full complement of cannabis biomolecules. The better the material, the better the result. We only retail the best of all our extractions and pass along the ‘headies’ for our customers to enjoy.

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We get a chance to work with some of the most wonderful and knowledgeable dispensaries in the State.