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HTFSE High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Extractioneering is an extraction company born from an individual with a BS in Biotechnology and a Ph.D. in Plant Molecular Biochemistry. Having spent his entire career extracting and purifying all sorts of biomolecules from a number of different plant species, he has perfected the Extractioneering method of light hydrocarbon solvent based cannabis extractions.

Virgin Extract. This means we wash a light hydrocarbon solvent blend (butane/propane) over the material one time, dewax, and purge any remaining solvent out of the extraction. All cannabis biomolecules (Cannabinoids (i.e.THC/CBD), Terpenes (i.e.Limonene/Myrcene) and other cannabis biomolecules such as flavones, stilbenes, and flavonoids are captured and preserved in physiologically native ratios. This single virgin extract is then presented to you unadulterated.

Nothing Added, Nothing reintroduced. Reintroduction is defined as isolating THC and distilling (purifying) in combination with isolating terpenes in a separate process, and blending back together. We know this technique leaves some cannabis biomolecules behind and might chemically change others.

Terpene isolations either increase monoterpenes (pinene and limonene blowouts) or co-isolate undesirables (fishy smell). Some companies put dried fruit into primary extractions to increase flavor or use limonene as a solvent. We do NONE of this. extract cannabis biomolecules without perturbation and with native, full spectrum, ‘whole plant’ profiles.

While maintaining native, full spectrum, ‘whole plant’ profiles, our Extractioneering technique eliminates all forms of lipids, waxes, heavy oils, and fats.

The presence of these molecules irreversibly blocks the full potential of cannabis extracts and binds the complexity together preventing it from being fully absorbed into our bodies.

Extractioneering uses all forms of dried cannabis material and extracts the full complement of cannabis biomolecules. The better the material, the better the result. We only retail the best of all our extractions and pass along the ‘headies’ for our customers to enjoy.

"My go-to for quick and anonymous relief from back pain, headache, and my pain in the butt mother in-law!" - Scott P., Avid Consumer

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