Question of the Week: Why Don't You Like CRC?

"No edits. No CRC. Made with Cured material. Carbonated for freshness. COSolvent Extracts."

We love getting great questions and this week we were asked:

"Why Don't You Like CRC", because of this post:

"No edits. No CRC. Made with Cured material. Carbonated for freshness. COSolvent Extracts."

Dr. Hayden responded:

CRC is designed to remove color and flavor from cannabis extracts.

We would rather preserve the flavor of cannabis and we don’t need to use it to remove color as we have developed natural winterization (cold filtration) techniques that work just fine, and don’t remove flavor.


Gotcha! Yea I mean it definitely has a different flavor but its not bad. And by taking out pigments that rancidify over time you have a cleaner product with fewer contaminants and cleaner smoke.

Razia Hayden Responded:

Our products are so clean they don't go bad and don't even have to be refrigerated. They never go rancid.

Dr. Hayden:

I think it’s tough. I can see you are eager to learn and grow as we are too. There is a ton of misinformation out there and just chatting here in comments is difficult to quickly move along to the real facts.

You raise some important points but the terminology needs to be defined better. The term ‘Pigment’ is really generic. It applies to most anything that adsorbs or reflects a specific spectrum that we see as color. So cobalt the mineral can be a pigment and chlorophyll can be a pigment but so can certain flavonoids and antioxidants, and even THC being slightly yellow could be considered a pigment.

When you talk about rancid, this happens to vegetable oils that contain proteins and specific lipids that are more like fats that can rot. Extracts have a chance to go rancid like this but that’s a bit of an interesting thought. I’d rather say they dry out like varnish or paint.

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