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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Our Whole Plant Lineup is a more organic product similar to rosin or hash, but in a cake batter/ crumble consistency for indoor and nug-run type material. These darker crumbles we call RIND. Fresh outdoor or greenhouse nugs result in a waxy sauce we call PULP. Both are fully purged solvent extracts without the ultra de-waxing performed with our executive products.

RIND is one of our greatest values made from the most flavorful and potent material available, indoor trim. Indoor cultivators operate in controlled climates that allow them to grow cannabis deep into maturity where the resins turn amber and the potency skyrockets. These deeper colors result in more orange and redder executive extracts and darker winterization outcomes.

RIND has a powerful amount of THCA, which gives it a great kick for after work dabbing. It also has boasting abilities for being apart of the Full Spectrum family of extracts, which means you get access to the entourage effect usually devoid in most cannabis products, especially ones that have high THCA, above 90% of inactivate THC.

RIND class products are usually darker brown crumbles with a old world hash-like spreadable consistency. Those who have a choice between distillate and RIND choose RIND every TIME.

Rind by Extractioneering

It is created using our CoSolvent TM process, the same one we use to create HTFSE and HCFSE. It's a carbonated Whole Plant Virgin Extract, which lends to it's similar experience to Cured Rosin, without all the organic debris. Rind has around 90%+ THC and 1-3% Terpenes.

It packs an incredible amount of taste into every experience. .

Yeah, it's brown. But it's still gorgeous. We don't use CRC on our extracts because it preserves more of the natural compounds, preserving all the benefits of cannabis that CRC strips out.

A lot of people have asked my opinion on CRC...

So, here it is:

Live Resin was supposed to replicate the colour, textures and impurity free resin of Extractioneering CoSolvent Cured Resin Techniques that processors struggle with even today. CRC increases this thought to the extreme and in essence became similar to an isolate with terpenes added back, with a much higher price point. In the right ratio, it can be a pleasurable experience, and works for many people.

Our goal as part of the cannabis community is to offer consumers a wide range options. In fact, we plan on releasing our own lineup of purified cannabinoids and formulations soon.

Bonus, it doesn't need to be refrigerated and is Non-Perishable. So.. you can save space for meats and cheeses!

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