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5150ies On The Rocks

We Launched our

5150ies On The Rocks this month.

A select few spots have access:

Cloud9 in Medford

Emerald Triangle in

Medford and Klamath Falls

Frontier Farms in Hood River

Market Street Wellness, Medford

Top Crop in Ontario

Vth, in Bend

Weedbucks, in Medford

A perfect blend of HTFSE and THCa Diamonds.

Ripened and Aged to perfection. These have been

released in limited amounts, so make sure to follow us to see which dispensaries have them.

Made with 100% Cured Material, this mixture of diamonds and sauce is expertly developed to deliver a potent and exciting


Through our scientific manufacturing approach, we are able to create products that have reproducible effects on those purchasing them.

Product consistency and expectation is the only way that confidence and relevance can be

derived from user experiences.

We named the lineup ‘5150ies’ in respect to our fellow mental health warriors and advocates who are themselves flawless but still deemed forever in the system as “crazy” and continue to battle all the stigma that goes with.

With each purchase of 5150ies, $2.00 goes directly to an Oregon-based mental health non-profit.

Customer Testimony:

“I got into a bad car accident about 15 years ago. All the drugs the doctors gave me didn’t help with the pain. The only thing that really worked was cannabis. The last few years though, my tolerance has been going up and even extracts just haven't been enough to dull the pain, unless I smoke so much that my throat ends up going raw. And then, the high only lasts for an hour before I have to smoke more.. My buddy told me to try Extractioneering a few weeks ago and it works! It’s so nice to find a product that gets me lifted without having to wreck my throat. This works great off the first dab and lasts all day.

- Cameron M. Thayes

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