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Banana Breath - Rind - Urban Canna

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Banana Breath Rind

(a mix of Dirty Banana and Divine Kush Breath)

Grown by Urban Canna

Strain Box Info: 60%Sativa / 40%Indica ( Fuel, Haze)

Herb: Sage

Earth: Roasted Coffee

Fruit: Banana

Sweet: Cake Frosting

etc. Earth: Almonds

Flavor/Aroma: Decadent is the only way to describe this, with very heavy and deep notes of multiple flavors. I used the Puffco Peak and had to run it multiple times to take in the multiple depths of this Rind. It smells like it tastes. It starts out with a roasted coffee, Banana bread-esc flavor but then transitions to a more complex of Almond. Very enjoyable, just like a dessert.

Personal Exp: I found the Banana Breath Rind to be very pleasant. I enjoyed the flavors and the even level high that it gave me. The mix of UrbanCanna that was used in the extraction process was pleasantly blended to create a very unique Rind. I think personally this is a contender for Top 5 Favs. I was able to be content but also not lazy, which is perfect for the work week. I felt that I was able to accomplish so much all from the comfort of home! - Cory

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