This incredibly powerful Rind Extract made with Bruce Banner grown by Dank Bros fits the moniker perfectly. It's unbelievable effects come on strong and then tend to evolve into a happy and creative high.  It has a strong body high which may make it more of a night-time.

MAC #3

This Dank Brothers Grown MAC #3 Rind is a smooth citrus extract with strong musky notes. We've been told that it induces a wonderful head high with strong muscle relaxation. 

mac #5

MAC #5 is a 50/50 hybrid that can often lean either way depending on the individual. Defenitly not for beginners. this strain creates a euphoric experience thaat can induce heavy munchies!



Alien OG is a hybrid cross of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. With a strong Pine and Lemon taste and smell, the extracts Extractioneering made with it are said to create an intense body effect as well as Great for both beginners and novices, just be sure to go slowly, this Alien OG extract can and will slowly get stronger.



Conscious Cultivators first bred Alien ET in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The strain is a combination of the breeder’s Big E (Sour Diesel x Humboldt Blue Dream) and Alien Kush.


The top reported aromas of the Alien ET strain are fuel, citrus, and pepper. It is said to taste like spices, peppercorn, and diesel.

Lemon Meringue


Blue Lemons

Lemon Meringue, the offspring of breeding Cookies and Cream with Lemon Skunk. This beautiful hybrid strain has been gaining momentum throughout the country and is already hugely popular in Colorado and California (don’t hold it against us). We’re told it creates an incredibly strong and giddy effect. The extract is sweet with strong notes of lemon. Enjoy with a consenting friend.

Chocolate hashberry

Chocolate Hashberry, an almost perfectly balanced hybrid between Chocolate Kush and Blackberry Kush. A super tasty extract with loud notes of chocolate  and undertones of coffee. This strain is extremely potent, so, beware.



This Indica-dominant is well known throughout the great state of Oregon for a relaxing and  euphoric effect. It's extract is beautifully earthy and tangy flavour, with hints of pepper. It's a creeper though, so, beware.



Cherry Chem is the child of two very well known strains,  Cherry Pie and  Chemdog. This strain and it's subsequent extract is absolutely delicious.  With strong notes of cherry, diesel and of course, kush.



Chem Dawg cannot be  mentioned without, Top Dawg Genetics, they created this incredible strain by breeding Cherry Pie and Chemdog 91.  A 45/55 mix of indica and sativa, you can expect the extract to reflect the strain with exacting accuracy. You can expect it to have a sweet cherry and gassy taste that will easily take over your senses. 

strawberry guava

Strawberry Guava strain grown by Dank Brothers is another winner from Emerald Cup, which took home a cup for Highest Terpene content. It is a complex blend of Strawberry Banana & Papaya, so, you know to expect strong fruit notes and gas and kush overtones. We've been told it is extremely calming and provides a great experience for any time of the day.




SPK , was created by Dark Heart Nursery. It is a combination of some  of the most popular strains, Sour Diesel and Candyland. The extract has been a fan favourite, emitting a strong  diesel scent with undertones of earth and candy.