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Sour OG HTFSE - Grown by Livetia

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Strain: Sour OG

Product: HTFSE - High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts

Grower: Liveita Farms

Batch Size: 194 Grams

In Packaging this week:

Taste of sour lemon, pine, fuel, and kush more so than haze with undertones of fermented rum. The cannabinoid profile is the perfect combination for folks who want something quick and efficient. A strong head-high that will have you ready for bed within a few hours.
Personal Experience : I found this cartridge to be very enjoyable for daytime use, not too strong of a Sativa. I started consuming first thing in the morning and used all day up until bedtime. I didn't notice too much of a spike in my high, just a mellow but cerebral high. I was able to accomplish everything in my day, so don't worry about overdoing it with this one.

For use only by adults 21 and older. Do not drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. Keep out of reach of children. This product is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do Not Eat.

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