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HCFSE High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extracts

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

In order for HTFSE to stabilize, supersaturated THCa must crystallize out of the HTFSE solution. This happens at different rates, speeds, and consistencies depending on each unique cannabis extraction. Using the Extractioneering method, we carefully separate the HCFSE from the HTFSE, but not completely so there is always a percentage of HTFSE in the sugar. As such, HCFSE is a designated full-spectrum product, with high cannabinoid for full potency effect.

Large THCa crystals (Diamonds) are a result of live resin extractions performed on high quality fresh material. This does not mean the extraction is of a higher quality.

A THCa diamond is simply a large crystal similar to the difference between table salt and sea salt/sugar. Opinion on salt is that small finer crystal are a result of bleaching and manufacturing ‘processing’. The larger crystal in sea salt is formed ‘in nature’ or from a natural process that gives the product a more authentic and natural feel. Both products are simply mostly NaCl.

Crystal size will always come down to being compared to crystal size with gems and precious stones. Precious stones that are larger are very rare events of a long geological process.

In cannabis, larger crystals usually are a result of ‘overdriving’ of the terpene portion of the oleoresin. When you concentrate an oleoresin, the higher percentage molecules usually force out and dilute the smaller percentages of more complex molecules. An extraction containing extremely high amounts of one type of monoterpene will have the ability to form a THCa crystal larger with fewer inclusions. However, the liquid resin used to create these types of crystals is not stable or desirable to vaporize.

Live Resin’s answer is to add the two together and dilute out the poor performance of them both.

A large THCa crystal is a very poor product to dab. THCa itself, when dabbed on a medium heat device, is about 50% efficient in decarboxylating during vaporization. So when dabbing crystalline THCa sugar type products, a 50/50 ratio of THC to THCa is ingested. When a large crystal is applied to the nail, this ratio drops dramatically. The melting of the crystalline takes some time and does not provide enough time for efficient decarboxylation. The liquids that cover the diamonds are not complex and full of wax, so they also don’t provide an effective flavorful experience.

Lastly, large inclusion free crystals of THCa are best grown in a secondary solvent like pentane, heptane, hexane, or acetone. Crystals are often grown free of typical virgin extract workflows and added to live resin monoterpene rich liquids in a later process.

"Extractioneering's Cosmic Charlie HCFSE is absolutely amazing! Couldn’t haven been happier with my purchase! The Tangie was unreal!" - Padraic S.
"If you're looking for the best extracts around, you found it right here. Highly recommend the Kevorkian HCFSE!" - Charles M.

Extractioneering products contain smaller crystals. We find these structures form when a product is cured and matured correctly. Multiple and quick nucleations of THCa until it finds equilibrium in the final extraction is critical to a complete product. Smaller crystals hold together well when in contact with HTFSE providing a proper balance of liquid HTFSE and small crystalline THCa. When vaporizing this helps completely vaporize the product and decarboxylate the THCa crystals effectively.

HCFSE stands for High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract. This extract is in the sugared form where THC/a percentages can get into the mid 90%'s. Obviously, Diamonds and Sauce is very high quality. High Quality starting material and proper extraction technique results in large clear diamonds. For this to happen impurities need to be removed, suggesting it to be of an even higher quality.

One of the big aspects we haven't really discussed enough is how small our batch runs are. For example, this is a Donny Berger HCFSE dab. ⁣

It’s actually the labs dab. They took 7 grams and left us 35. Now it’s passed testing and we want you to have it. Because we like Donny and we love Eugreen Farms. But definitely not because we like profit, because none be had on these gems. ⁣

Because we want only those who appreciate the expense and value of this dab to have it, we put it in half grams and that way people avoid it so those who get it get the chance to get it. ⁣

Because that’s EXTractioneering.⁣ #HCFSE

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