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Although we do an outstanding job capturing the full spectrum of cannabis biomolecules with our solvent extractions, we admit that rosin and hash are full-spectrum concentrates as well. These products are desirable due to the absence of solvents but that also prevents the elimination of many undesirable plant biomolecules that sour the flavor and compromise the experience. Through the use of CO2 as a Cosolvent, we are able to protect the molecules during extraction so they are bioavailable in the final product. Our process results in a true Full Spectrum and the test results show it.

Extractioneering uses only the best dried and cured cannabis material and extracts the full complement of cannabis biomolecules. The better the material, the better the result. We only retail the best of all our extractions and pass along the ‘headies’ for our customers to enjoy.


Extractioneering is a biotechnological cannabis company having over 25 years of experience in both science and cannabis. Fundamental understanding of plant biochemistry and the trials of plant nucleic acid extractions gave tremendous insight into capturing and then balancing oleoresin extracts. We surround ourselves with dedicated, professional, and passionate cannabis enthusiasts. We are proud consumers and our CEO personally evaluates every retail product batch prior to sale.

We aim to develop new standards of quality for cannabis products.

Biology is how we elucidate the mysteries of evolved complex relationships. Chemistry is a set of tools used to explore, confirm, and manipulate these relationships.

“In the end, my passion was to solve the unknowns of evolved complex relationships in nature by investigating how things worked at the molecular and biochemical levels in organisms. If I could solve the mystery of how something worked, perhaps I could better understand the mysteries of how I worked.  Now with my work in Cannabis, I can do both at the same time.”

- Daniel M. Hayden PhD

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Our product is a cannabis solvent extraction that is performed using a mixed hydrocarbon solvent in conjunction with CO2 as a Cosolvent which captures greater oleoresin complexity than extractions performed with butane or CO2 extractions alone. The CO2 buffers all molecules so they don’t polymerize during the solvent process. This buffer allows for efficient precipitation of waxes during winterization and the subsequent vacuum oven removal of residual solvents while preserving the precise flavors and smells from a native, single solvent extract.

Upon completion of residual solvent removal, the oleoresin is free to relax and release CO2 while forming crystalline THCa.  This process includes crystal size, formation, and also the amount of time required is unique to each cannabis batch. 



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