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Razia Hayden


dr. daniel HAYDEN

Chief Scientific Officer

​Dr. Hayden, is a Ph.D. Plant Molecular Physiologist. He brings brilliance and excitement to every facet of Extractioneering with the same energy from when he first began his journey, 25 years ago. His career has allowed him to actively practice lab based biology since the 1994. Dr. Hayden is the definitive extracts resource and is dedicated to providing education to those who want to learn. If you are interested in booking the Doctor as a speaker at your next event.

Claim to Fame: Invented High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract by developing a proprietary method of extraction; Co-Solvent Technology.

Consumption Preferences:

"90% Dabs, 10% Carts, Flower only in ceremonious occasions. I use Licit Rigs and August House e-nails. All strains are fair game. If we've made it, I've tried it."

-- Dr. Hayden


“The Extractioneering team is a scientific company, with over 25 years of experience in the Industry. Fundamental understanding in plant biochemistry and the trials of plant extractions gave tremendous insight into achieving and then balancing oleoresin extracts. We surround ourselves with dedicated, professional and passionate enthusiasts. We aim to develop new standards of quality for products. Science is defined as the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.  
"Chemistry fits in as a science, but its goal is to simplify the complex. Chemistry is the core of science that deals with the identification of the substances of which matter is composed; the investigation of their properties and the ways in which they interact, combine, and change; and the use of these processes to form new substances.

Biology is the study of living organisms, divided into many specialized fields that cover their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behavior, origin, and distribution. Chemistry is substance identification and mathematics. Biology is elucidating the mysteries of evolved complex relationships. In the end, my passion was to solve the mysteries of the natural world, investigate how things worked in the physical world of organisms. If I could solve the mystery of how something worked, perhaps I could better understand the mysteries of how I worked.

Be part of our team,grow, collab, and enjoy." - Daniel M. Hayden PhD"



Chief Operations Officer.

Graduated as a mechanical engineer from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

This industry was Ilia's art outlet originally but took his background in data, he brought engineering to this industry. He eventually realized it was a benefit to the world and wanted to bring down the walls of prohibition. Seeing the power of reform he found new hope in the political scope. He started working for the Marijuana Policy Project and raised money for lobbying efforts to write pro-legalization laws. Which is how he met Richard Lee, who owned Oaksterdam. His goal in the industry is to "mold a generation not just of pot dealers but of pot idealists, comrades in the struggle against federal persecution."

Claim to Fame: An indoor cultivator for 16 years, Ilia was one of the first people to use science in growing cannabis, by bringing repeatability and scalability to cultivating, Ilia allowed for this industry to be the powerhouse of finance it is turning into today. No longer looked at from outsiders as a hippy dippy past time, but a real legitimate way to make a living and help the community.

Consumption Preferences:

"I grew up on flower. I spent 16 years growing, every day. It's hard to beat a freshly cured flower, recently rolled in a joint, but HTFSE vaporized has won me over." -- Ilia




Director of Marketing

Razia, married to Dr. Hayden, works in the Cannabis Industry because she wholeheartedly believes in the plant's ability to not only heal individuals but to heal society as a whole. Even if we don't use any of these products, we can all benefit and become better, together. She is responsible for how Extractioneering is seen and heard, supervising the development of our packaging, social media, the website, publications, customer service and the burgeoning edibles/topicals department.

Claim to Fame: Took the industry packaging game from baggies and coin pouches to the levels of high-end industries, with innovative new styles. She created packaging for over 12 separate High Times Cup Winning companies along with almost one-hundred other cannabis companies before devoting her time fully to Extractioneering and it's development in 2017.

Consumption Preferences:

"I like citrusy carts, J1, Lemon Remedy, Mimosa, Cosmic Charlie, etc. in vape format" -- Razia Hayden




R&D Production Leader

BS in Biomedical Sciences from Marist College in NY. Devin started out by working in the pharmaceutical industry for several years and learned that their bottom line was not his own. The courses in Medical Ethics taken as part of his B.S. were brought to full fruition and helped to bring him to our industry. The compassionate alternative to so many of the drugs available over the counter. His zeal for societal betterment eventually brought him to Extractioneering. He really enjoys spreading Extractioneering products to the recreational market, as it has a full spectrum of benefits across the board. 

Claim to Fame: Dealing with Medical Ethics in the industry is a mantel that Devin has taken up on behalf of Extractioneering. He is currently working on a new top-secret Community Betterment project that will be launched soon.

Consumption Preferences:

"Fuel and funk flower, Illadelph Beaker Bong, I like to have a large flower collection and do around 15% dabs." -- Devin




VP of Misc. Stuff

Our very own Extraordinaire does a bit of everything. Allie started out in the industry with us over five years ago working the events circuits and demo days. Allie constantly shows a dedication to helping customers find exactly what the need through kindness and understanding that is unparalleled.

That dedication and hard work brought Allie through from the events table into the packaging department and from there, into the main office where she continues to show us how a title doesn't define her role. She continues to wear many hats, fitting into the interminable roles a start-up needs to succeed.

Claim to Fame: 

Allie is just as comfortable in the office as she is in the lab!




Legacy Implementation Strategist

Luis, another original on the team, not only makes sure the lab is running smoothly, he also makes sure our products stay true to form. His ability to work through crunches and past a crisis is why we value Luis.

Luis comes from a long line of hard-working people with entrepreneurial spirits. Luis is incredibly fastidious in his smoking life-style and he makes sure our daily workflow is completely organized and sanitized. Every Rig in Luis’s collection is spotless, he cleans every single piece before and after every session and in between every hit.

His constant vigilance to creating a clean and functional workplace makes every-day tasks seem fresh. He motivates us through positivity and energizing – Luis emigrated to the USA with his incredible family. Here he embraced our industry cultural customs and introduced his own special flair into our daily lifestyle. Keep an eye out for Luis’s mom’s authentic Mexican food in our upcoming events.




Brand Missionary

Kasim “Guillotine” Gary also known on stage as Guillotine The Kasino Champ, began his professional recording career at the young age of 16 with Emerge Records. Guillotine eventually went independent with his music creativity and began to develop and mature a unique style of dark storytelling. His ability to communicate and reverberate energy makes him an exceptional promoter. His love of Extractioneering is an integral part of his daily life, using it as a tool to develop and evolve through the creative process. 

Claim to Fame: 

Kasim can play more than a dozen instruments and is a total horror-fiend, creating a successful musical career dedicated to the darker parts of our personalities.

Consumption Preferences:

"Anyway I can get it as long as it's Extractioneering!" -- KasinoChamp




Lead Sales Strategist

Alix Thierry is a Sales and Marketing Strategist who has worked with multiple award-winning companies to increase their audience and brand awareness.


With customer service as her main focus, Alix continues to cultivate lasting relationships throughout the industry. She works with brands to increase efficiency through systems and automation, in-depth team trainings, and campaigns that convert.


Alix has been with Extractioneering from the very beginning, having moved with the company to Oregon in 2015 from California. Over the past 5 years, she has been putting in work throughout the industry, learning and growing; becoming a self-contained powerhouse of industry knowledge along with a seemingly endless list of hands-on marketing and design skills.

Claim to Fame: 

She dramatically increased the availability of top-shelf products throughout California through sheer dedication, ensuring easy access to quality medicine.

Consumption Preferences:

"Dabs All Day!" -- Alix