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Weekly Menu Update 8/30

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

New Packaging!

We have updated our Cartridge packaging and are working towards getting new packaging for our dabbables. The new Cartridge packaging is 0.75in shorter and more narrow than the previous cartridge packaging. They come with our new labels, which, have almost all the same information as before in a slightly easier to read format. As before, you will still be able to access the testing results via the QR Code.

And if you're curious as to when the dabbles will have new packaging, they should be completed by the end of September. But, with the way the world is working right now, it's always hard to give an exact date. As we get more details, we will give you more details.


Strain and Product Updates

We are currently working on packaging up Kush Mintz and Roasted Garlic Margy 5150ies Carts as well as Gorilla Mintz Rind, all grown by one of our favorite farms, Coldframe Farms.

We've also got Peanutbutter Souflee HTFSE grown by Flowersmith wrapping up this week, so make sure to get loaded up before they are all gone; there were only 318 grams created.

They should be hitting the market in the coming weeks, keep a lookout!

Just click on the links for the testing results.


Here's the menu for 8/30-9/6.

Click on the names to get links to testing results.

HTFSE Vials 1 Gram - $48ish OTD

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract

(We only release 20 vials of every strain of HTFSE total, Stock Up)

Grape Pie - Surfr

Sour OG - Livetia

Jildo - Flowersmith

Burner Phone - Flowersmith

Sundae Driver - Flowersmith

White Sunshine - Stardust Cultivation

MoonDrops - Flowersmith

HTFSE White Cart 0.5 Gram - $48ish OTD

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract

Moon Drops - Flowersmith

Scooby Snacks - Cold Frame

White Sunshine - Stardust Cultivation

Sour OG - Livetia Farms

Divine Kush Breath - Urban Canna

Kush Mintz - Coldframe

5150ies Cart 1 Gram - $35ish OTD

High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract, with a drop of Distillate

Runtz - Deterra

Double deja Vu - Cold Frame

Scooby Snacks - Cold Frame

HCFSE 1Gram JAR - $48ish OTD

High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract

Sour City - Clear Creek

Sugarcane - Cold Frame

Platinum Dosi - Cold Frame

MAC #3 - Dank Bros

GMO - Livetia

Blueberry Muffins - Livetia

5150ies OTR 1 Gram JAR - $35ish OTD

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract, with THCa Crystals

Memory Loss - Deterra

Sugarcane - Coldframe

Strawberry Guava - Gorilla Guys

Gas Giant - Deterra

Garlic Lemons - Deterra

Fresh Squeezed O.G. - Dank Bros

Pulp 1 Gram JAR - $25ish OTD

Blended HCFSE

(We are discontinuing the Pulp line, so, stock up)


Moby Goat

Garlic Petrol

Peach Cobbler

Rind 1 Gram JAR - $15ish OTD

Crystalized Hash

(prices on jars have gone up, we're going to have to raise the prices on Rind starting September 1st, stock up).

Platinum Dosi - Cold Frame

Platinum Kush - Cold Frame

As always, thank you to everyone who continues to support Extractioneering. It is much appreciated and we couldn't be more honored to live and work in the great state of Oregon!

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