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Oregon Cannabis Growers| Talking New Strains With Eugreen Farms

David from Eugreen Farms sat down with the Extractioneering team to talk about their revolutionary cannabis growth strategies and help us understand their No-Till cannabis farming methods.

Eugreen Farms has two main goals:

- To hone in on the best genetics

- To grow the best quality flower


The Start of Something New

The first thing on everyone's minds is: what is GMO cookies?

The Chem Cookies phenotype is a cannabis strain first selected by Skunk Master Flex and is available only through clone. Skunk Master gave a cut of this strain to a few friends, which then made its way to Eugreen Farms! David describes the GMO Cookies profile as "garlic and mothballs with lots of gas". This complex terpene profile packs a punch, with Eugreen's most recent testing ranging from 31-34% THC.

"So good, it seems genetically modified"

*FUN FACT: Though GMO stands for "Genetically Modified Organism", this strain is not genetically modified and it is simply a name chosen by Skunk Master Flex.

It's no doubt that the GMO strain is hot right now. Cannabis dispensaries carry a multitude of GMO crosses, but many of these crosses carry the same terpene profile. Eugreen Farms crafted unique strains like Turpee Slurpee, a cross of Zkittlez and GMO, which expresses the Zkittlez terpene profile along with the potency of GMO.

Exceeding the Limits

A "No Till" farming method has to do with maintaining the soil in the right balances through maintenance of things like pH levels and microbes. This more natural method utilizes compost teas along with dry soil toppings and has been working well for Eugreen for the past ten years.

Pheno hunting genetics that will stand the test of time can pose a challenge; The strength and vibrancy of cannabis genetics tends to fade throughout growth cycles. Eugreen uses techniques to "revive" their genetics, such as asexual multiplication from the apical meristem. "Meri-stemming" is a way plant breeders re-generate plants that are virus free so we can continue to enjoy these favorites with the same potency we know and love.

Top Strains Right Now:

Lava Cake – Thin Mint x Grape Pie (heavy couch-lock indica)

Wedding Pie #7 – Wedding Cake x Grape Pie (gassy indica with hints of limonene)

Peanut Butter Breath – Do-si-dos x Mendo Breath (Nutty, sweet purple flavor with a creamy pine exhale)

GMO Cookies – Chem Cookies Phenotype by Skunk Master Flex

Sunday Driver – Fruity Pebbles x Grape Pie (Potent, euphoric, great for self-reflection)

Keep Your Eye Out For David's Favorites:

Donny Berger – Han Solo Berger ( GMO x Larry OG ) x GMO

Lemon Royale – Lemon Tree x GMO x TK Skunk

Frankencake – Lava Cake x GMO

Zour Larry – Zkittlez x Sour Larry

Animal Cherries – Animal Mints x Cherry Pie

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