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Canna World EXPO Empowerment 2021

Updated: May 8, 2021

CANNA WORLD EXPO is honored to have Dr. Daniel Hayden, Chief Scientific Officer of Extractioneering, as an Empowerment 2021 Speaker. In this video, Dr. Hayden explains the differences between live and cured cannabis resins. CWE sincerely appreciates Dr. Hayden's extensive background as a plant scientist and his ability to empower CWE's audience with the knowledge of how to determine the best quality cannabis products on the market.

CANNA WORLD EXPO provides infotainment; where the roads of education and entertainment meet. Join CWE each April, August, November, and January as we continue the discussion filled with laughter and insight on growing personal and business empowerment for success in 2021.

Thank you very much, it's been such a pleasure, listening to everybody. I really wanted to weaponize you guys and give you more information because you guys are the spirit guides as Uncle was talking about, you are guides for all your people.

So I am a plant biologist plant physiologist and I got my degree in 2003 from the University of Hawaii. And I am also the owner of a recreational cannabis business that does butane hash oil in the common lexicon as you would say. So when Elizabeth spoke about not being able to access medicine at the dispensary level. I completely understand that; we are in trouble of losing what the medicine is, at the retail level. Not only in a dispensary and legal cannabis but at a level of CBD stores.

So, what does cured mean really, over live-resin? Live resin has achieved this great luxury recognition in our retail marketplace because it has a lot of smells and fragrances. But it's really sabotaging the real medicinal portion of the plant and what cannabis is really capable of in nature.

Products are aged in several different ways, fermentation for cheese's, wines, alcohol, kimchee, etc. A good grape in Oregon and California is when there's less rain, and the process of biology is reduced in the grape. That is made into wine and what makes it better is when that's followed with specialty aging in an oak barrel. The taste and smell become more complex.

Check out the video for more information.

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