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Oregon Cannabis Growers| Meet Massive Seeds

Massive Seeds is a multi-generational cannabis producer specializing in sun-grown cannabis. Owners Peter and Patrick invited the Extractioneering team for a tour to showcase what makes them so unique! Their farming methods have been proven to grow the highest quality outdoor cannabis and inspires many with their practices toward a sustainable future.


Family Owned & Operated Since 1975

Located in the beautiful sun-filled land of Eagle Point Oregon, Massive seeds is a multi-generational craft cannabis company operated by a small group of family and local residents. The father of Peter and Patrick first tilled the soil in 1975, cultivating cannabis since the start of the medical scene. Recently, the Massive Seeds family transitioned to the recreational cannabis market with their additional brands RoGanja and Hillside Herbs.

Extraordinary Genetics

Pheno hunting is a painstaking process for anyone – but especially for outdoor growers like Massive Seeds. Each year they experiment with new strains and must wait until the following season to grow out their seeds. Since they cultivate outdoors, they have just one chance per year to develop new strains.

Though strain development is more difficult, the diversified cannabis strains on this farm are like no other! They are house-made through Massive seeds with some staple genetics dating back more than 25 years.

Staple Strains: Summer Sunset OG, Durban Pomegranate (Cross of Durban Poison and Pineapple Pomegranate), Yuki Dawg

Keep your eyes out for these –

New Strains: Fruity profiles crossed with Tangie. Yuzu Tangie, Strawberry Durban

Patrick showed us what he calls "The Experiment Room" which is a super fun area of the farm where they experiment with new genetics, as the team is constantly hunting for the next best cannabis strain. It was gorgeous to see the various colors and structures throughout the room; they ranged from black, brown, red, pink, and many shades of green – the entire room healthy and thriving. Patrick bounced from plant to plant to showcase differences between his favorites with such passion that filled our hearts. It's true – there are growers who care deeply for their craft!

Sustainable Cannabis Farming Methods

One giant feature on the Massive farm is their 3,000 gallon compost tea brewer which provides their cannabis plants with nutrients vital to the insane growth and quality Massive Seeds is known for.

Only Organic, sustainable cannabis farming methods like:

-Utilizing sunlight to produce only sun-grown cannabis

-Growing plants directly in the soil – no pots!

-Introducing beneficial bugs

Massive Seeds continues to push the envelope in cannabis cultivation and we are proud to be partnered to produce top-quality extracts for all. Sign up on our site as a member to be the first to be notified about Massive Seeds x Extractioneering products and more.

For even more information check out our previous interview with Massive Seeds

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