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9/20/2021 Extractioneering Menu

This week's giveaway item will be this gorgeous Cannabis Watercolor Hoodie.

Designed by Razia Hayden (me, I also write these things).

Go follow @extractioneering.oregon, tag two people, and tell us your favorite strain to participate.

Did you know that if you're in the Cannabis Industry, you get 50% off our entire store?

Send me an email to verify your account and get the code.

Anyway, onto the good stuff, here's the menu for this week.

Click the links to see the test results.

5150ies Cartridges High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract + Triple Distilled Distillate. 1 Gram Ceramic Cartridge Double deja Vu - Coldframe Runtz - Deterra Scooby Snacks - Coldframe


High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract - Blends

1 Gram Jar

Garlic Petrol

Moby Goat

Peach Cobbler



Whole Plant Extract

1 Gram Jar

Platinum Dosi - Coldframe

Kush Pops - Coldframe

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