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  "I always remember my mother having sudden pains from when she used to dance. I never really thought anything of it, and thought it was something that was more manageable than it seemed to be. Little did I know, it was something that actually caused her excruciating pain, pretty much 24/7. 


     After several years of trying to help my mother find a solution for her constant pain in her muscles, joints, leg cramping, etc.; I was fortunate enough to meet the people who formulated Extractioneering. I have never seen her more able to function than when she uses this Rind.  The way that it's changed her life for the better is something we will be forever grateful for, and so thankful that we encountered Extractioneering."



Professional Nanny, Singer-songwriter

"I hadn't always lived a healthy life. At one point I was over 300lbs. But after my stroke at 62 and a diagnosis of diabetes.,  I finally made the decision to change my life. I wanted to live long enough to have value for my grandkids. So I began a journey to living better. It meant learning to cook and eating only whole organic foods and no alcohol! It took a lot of willpower but I ended up losing the weight but did end up with two bad knees.

I was about to go under the knife to have them replaced, but a friend of mine recommended I try Extractioneering's Rind. Less than 10 minutes afterward, my knee pain was gone. I was able to continue going for runs without issue and didn't need to undergo surgery.


Director of Sales, Grandfather, Marathon Runner

“At the age of 34, I had been in constant pain for almost 6 years, even with prescribed opiates.  I had a drifting surgical mesh implant that no doctor was willing to remove. And there was no solution except drugs. But, I never had the energy  to play with my 3 small children and had some pretty strong depression from the medication. My constant pain made having an intimate relationship with my husband totally out of the question. I  was unable to work and had just a terrible quality of life.   Then  I was introduced to the good people of Extractioneering. Their RIND has literally changed my life.  I  was able to wean myself off the opiates and my pain seemingly vanished overnight.  I  cried with my husband because I was finally able to live again. "

— CASEY SNYDER, Wife, Mother, House Cleaner, Artist

"I grew up as a professional ballet dancer. With that, comes the injuries of a professional ballet dancer. Even though none of my injuries were external, I definitely suffered with pulled ligaments, torn muscles and all sorts of other stuff. As a younger person, I never really thought much of the pain. As I got older and after having kids, and gaining sciatic pain, I literally tried everything out there that said it was good for muscle pain, sciatic pain, joint pain, cramping, tenderness, you name it. 


     Sometimes, I was embarrassed because the scent of basically every product I tried was unbearable, and made me feel like people could smell me, and thought it was just me!  So instead, I would choose to suffer instead of utilizing anything.  After my daughter was lucky enough to meet the creators of Extractioneering, I thought, what do I have to lose?  And so, I gave their product, Rind a try. 


     Honestly, I don't think I'll ever be able to find another product that is on the same level playing field with this one. It has literally changed my day to day functionality. I can do daily tasks with ease and not have to go through it with gritted teeth and with intolerable pain. I truly feel like this product has been life-changing and for that, I am so grateful!"


Creative Director, Mother, Influencer

I was introduced to HTFSE by my grandmother. She maintained it helped her settle in for the night, and helped calm her mind.  If you knew my grandmother, she was always going a mile a minute, so I trusted her opinion.

I am a mother of 2 young ones, 3 & 5, so stress & feeling anxious is pretty much part of the job. When I try to go to sleep at night, I can’t relax, I’m always thinking about what’s coming up the next day - kids, hubby, chores, laundry, meals, you name it!  I also have horrible hormone imbalances that cause me to have my period for 6 weeks at a time.  And of course, all the cramps & irritability that comes along with that.  I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, but don’t like to take the prescribed meds.  They help but I found myself sleepy, so I chose to not take them.  Especially with little ones at home!

When I spoke to my grandmother about all of these things going on in my life, she recommended the vape cartridge from Extractioneering, so I took her up on it, and tried it myself. On the first night, I felt a huge difference.  I was able to relax for a change, snuggle up to hubby & just enjoy time with him without my mind thinking about the million things I have to do.  Not to mention, I used the cartridge to help with my crazy menstrual cramps.

I love the variety of strain options, too.   Depending on what’s going on in my life or what I’m needing to use HTFSE for, it is nice having that variety.  They’re all amazing & truthfully prefer cannabis over western medicine, any day.

— CORINNE SHEEDY, Full-time Mommy, Avid Dog Lover, Disney Enthusiast

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William W.

Best value concentrate for the price - maybe the best period if you just want potency - a fantastic product. -- About the Rind

Jason S.

Very tasty and potent! -- About the 5150ies

Corrine C.

Hi, I appreciate the effectiveness of your product, and how discreet it is.  -- About the 5150ies

Nick Z.

Can’t go wrong with the rind or pulp, both taste great and hit hard!


About the Rind

Zelda M.

Very tasty and potent! -- About the 5150ies

Brian S.

I had no idea how much I would love the rind and pulp! Definitely amazing and wicked nice! -- About the RInd and the Pulp

Jena Z.

Absolutely amazing! Hands down the tastiest and “best” you can get!! Two green thumbs up!


About the HCFSE

Padraic S.

Absolutely amazing! Couldn’t have been happier with my purchase! The Sundae Driver was unreal!

Charles M.

If you find yourself in the great state of Oregon, you gotta try the Point Break HTFSE. The flavor is equal parts fuel and spice. Great motivational strain. 10/10

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