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What is HTFSE

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

The term HTFSE is more than just a slang term synonymous with “great,” “fire,” or “top-shelf.” It is a term created by Dr. Hayden, the inventor behind Extractioneering, and the term HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract” has scientific requirements that must be fulfilled in order to qualify as such. So, when you’re friend hands you some sugar and calls it “HTFSE” you can be sure, they are in need of additional information to help them appropriately name their extract.

When a product is called "strain-specific" you can know right away that it's not a true full-spectrum product, because it was distilled and put back together. That's what "strain-specific" means. It's usually a dead giveaway that the product is a distillate. They broke down the strain into separate parts. But, when this occurs, you lose a lot of the good stuff. Though, these days the word "strain-specific" is used by folks who make Rosin or Live Resin, even though it's unnecessary to use that particular phrase, since, of course, it's strain-specific, saying, "Strain Specific Live Resin" is redundant.

Just because other companies are using our words, doesn't make it so.

HTFSE stands for High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract. This scientifically curated product is Extractioneering's liquid extract, that has a minimum of 50% THC/a and greater than 13% terpenes. We have seen up to 40% terpenes with a native extraction, still balanced enough to qualify as HTFSE. Although higher is possible, customers find higher than 40% to be unpleasant and tipping the balance of natural chemistry. 50% Cannabinoids, 20-30% Terpenes, and 20-30% other trichome cannabis biomolecules are best. HTFSE is a virgin run mixed hydrocarbon solvent extract elegantly matured into a liquid THCa oleoresin, as it would exist in living and metabolizing cannabis trichome. Our High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) is the bulk of the extraction equation, concentrating all therapeutic biomolecules from the trichome while eliminating all potential impurities. HTFSE is singly extracted high terpene full spectrum blend of phytocannabinoids, monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, diterpenes, triterpenes, lignanamide, flavones, flavonols, and stilbenes.

As always, nothing added and nothing reintroduced.

Real Full Spectrum Extract delivers the most balanced representation of the cannabis plant. We capture a balanced mix of all the terpenes, not just a mono-terpene profile dominated by limonene, myrcene, α-pinene, linalool, β-caryophyllene, caryophyllene oxide, nerolidol and phytol (which have those very familiar flavours).

You want a balance of all 300+ terpenes available in Cannabis. You don’t want huge diamonds, that consist of 99% THCA. You want the whole offering of what Cannabis really is. Medicine. You’re looking for Herbal Synergy or the Entourage effect.

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts

During the creation of HIGH TERPENE FULL SPECTRUM EXTRACTS, there are many unique aspects of biochemistry that are uncovered based on the biochemistry of the oleoresin extracted. Two extracts purged of all residual solvents are shown in this video. Terpinolene rich Ghost Train Haze effervesces very little, although you can smell it across the room. Grape Krush has more of an OG profile. Although it would be easy to blame myrcene or B-CP for gaseous expansion, really it could be a number of factors. The first would be to perform headspace analysis on the vapor itself. Perhaps it’s as simple as CO2 or O2 caught up in the complexity and chemistry of OG types of liquids. Either way, we don’t show many of these events as they can be construed on social media as ‘Tane Soup’. We always show fully purged products with our posts. They may be in a variety of different maturation stages, but that’s the fun part. We don’t need solvents in our liquids to show off liquidity. Our HTFSE stands on its own, purged to perfection, and revealing all its complexity. A THCa diamond is created from a single molecule in a solid form. HTFSE has that same molecule except it is in a liquid form and contains the entire package of the complexity of cannabinoids and terpenes that the cannabis oleoresin has to offer.

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract
Although we do an outstanding job in capturing the full spectrum of cannabis biomolecules with our solvent extractions, we admit that rosin and hash are full spectrum concentrates as well.
These products are desirable due to the absence of solvents but that also prevents the elimination of many undesirable plant biomolecules that sour the flavor and compromise the experience.
- Daniel Hayden PhD.

Virgin Extract. This means we wash a light hydrocarbon solvent blend (butane/propane) over the material one time, dewax, and purge any remaining solvent out of the extraction. All cannabis biomolecules (Cannabinoids (i.e.THC/CBD), Terpenes (i.e.Limonene/Myrcene), and other cannabis biomolecules such as flavones, stilbenes, and flavonoids are captured and preserved in physiologically native ratios. This single virgin extract is then presented to you unadulterated.

Nothing Added, Nothing reintroduced. Reintroduction

is defined as isolating THC and distilling (purifying) in combination with isolating terpenes in a separate process, and blending back together. We know this technique leaves some cannabis biomolecules behind and might chemically change others. Terpene isolations either increase monoterpenes (pinene and limonene blowouts) or co-isolate undesirables (fishy smell). Some companies put dried fruit into primary extractions to increase flavor or use limonene as a solvent. We do NONE of this. We extract cannabis biomolecules without perturbation and with native, full-spectrum, ‘whole plant’ profiles. Our Extractioneering technique eliminates all forms of lipids, waxes, heavy oils, and fats.

The presence of these molecules irreversibly blocks the full potential of cannabis extracts and binds the complexity together preventing it from being fully absorbed into our bodies.

Extractioneering uses all forms of dried cannabis material and extracts the full complement of cannabis biomolecules. The better the material, the better the result. We only retail the best of all our extractions and pass along the ‘headies’ for our customers to enjoy.

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