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Urban Canna

Urban Canna is one of the most sought-after growers in Oregon and we here at Extractioneering have been honored to work with them and their legendary strains.

Here is a quick breakdown of the extracts we've made with their strains:

Gelato Cake:

A complex cross between. Wedding Cake and Gelato 33 developed into another beautiful Indica dominant hybrid with strong citrus and vanilla notes.

It came in Rind, HCFSE and HTFSE.


The strains they grow are the stuff of legends.

Ice-Cream Cake:

Bred by Seed Junky Genetics, Ice Cream Sandwich grown by Urban Canna is an Indica-dominant cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. The HCFSE is bursting with flavour, heavy with vanilla and sweet cream. We only made 30 grams total, so, count yourself lucky if you managed to snag a jar of this goodness.


Orange Dreamsicle:

Orange Creamsicle is a Sativa-Dominant hybrid strain created by mixing Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit strains. The extracts developed from this happy strain are super creamy and erupting with citrus and vanilla notes that seem to last all day. We only turned this strain into an HCFSE this time around and there were only made 100 grams.

Edit: Urban Canna has since stopped producing Orange Dreamsicle, so, if you managed to scoop some in Extract form, hold onto it!


Dirty Banana:

Dirty Bananas grown by Urban Canna-created extracts taste exactly like the strain itself. A beautifully rich ripe banana. These were available in HTFSE white carts, vials and in Rind.


Lee Ann Womack:

LeeAnn Womack extract is slightly floral, with a very refreshing yet relaxing feeling that seems to last all day. The terpene profile includes your favorites, in a very unusual configuration, bursting with pine, echinacea, and bright happy lemon zest. While still maintaining strong gassy undertones. We made this into HCFSE and HTFSE.


Garlic Sherb:

Sweet Garlic Explosion.

The Garlic Sherb by Urban Canna is an incredible explosion of sweet garlic. With top notes of apple and cedar, this extract will linger on the tongue and leave you feeling utterly wonderful. This glorious strain was made into an HTFSE only


Blue Pearl:

Another great strain was discontinued. The Blue Pearl grown by Urban Canna is extremely strong. One hit was more than enough for day. It has strong notes of Plum, Candied Violet, and Birch with undertones of gassy-diesel and haze. Made into just HTFSE.

We'll keep adding strain and product reviews as we continue to work with Urban Canna's incredible strains. Make sure to pick up a copy of Cured Magazine for more information.

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