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Q of Week: What’s up with people saying you use trim run now but say its the same quality??


What’s up with people saying you use trim run now but say its the same quality yada yada?

Razia Hayden Responded:

We use trim and we use nugs and we use b-buds. But, because the process is so tight, it tends to not matter what type of material it is. The quality of the extract itself is always spectacular. Nobody seems to be able to taste the difference, despite the many blind taste/experience tests we've given to folks over the past 5 years. It's all so overwhelmingly clean it just doesn't matter.

Dr. Hayden Responded:

Sugar Leaf (Trim) is covered in the most complex trichomes of the flower because these are the highest metabolizing trichomes and those exposed to the broadest spectrum of light. These trichomes express terpenes and generate terpenes more frequently, and therefore produce the most complex molecules as compared trichomes on the interior portions of the flower. It is correct that sugar leaf, as opposed to calyx, has less densely packed trichomes but not by much and that varies strain by strain. Moreover with trichome diversity on light-exposed surfaces is higher and with more trichome diversity comes oleoresin complexity. The trichomes that develop on the interior portions of the flowers are quite impressive but also slowly metabolizing and Montoterpene bloated. We compare those resins to live-resins on complexity. Without a doubt, these are the most fragrant trichomes.

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