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Q&A with Dr. Daniel Hayden

Updated: May 9, 2021

We did a Q&A last week via Instagram Stories, here are the top ten questions we were asked.

What is causing The carbonation?

C02 is introduced to the Plant material prior to Extraction. This carbonates The trichomes and co2 is then Bound to all resin molecules protecting them through extract maturity. After the extracted resin is ‘cured’ it continues to release co2 from these molecules and when agitated, it increases this release.

Purity, benefits, and effects of htfse vs Solventless?

Htfse is closer to the concept of solventless than it is closer to any other hydrocarbon based extract. When solventless peeps discuss the craft and the resin they use terms, adjectives and appreciative notes that we have used to describe resin for years. We have identical missions and we feel we speak the same language. We think the concepts in cannabis have shifted from solvent vs solventless to virgin vs purity.

How do you add carbonation to it and does the carbonation help preserve it in some way?

It’s important to note the carbonation is achieved prior to extraction. We know many groups trying to carbonate resin during and after extraction. Dynamics of plant biochemistry tell us why they cannot do that. Co2 extractors still may have some achievements not revealed to us.

Does the material have to be extracted with a specific ratio of gasses to be HTFSE?

We use a 25/25/50 P/I?N and have always revealed this blend. We know which currently available blend absolutely does a poor job, which can be used in a pinch if need be, but we prefer our blend for cryogenic purposes. The N-Butante is slightly polar the colder you go and this helps catch or deflect molecules.

How long is the process from beginning to end?

Depends on the resin, most rec indoors grow for potency which is a more complex resin.

Outdoor and light dep tend to harvest earlier and those resins set up fast. HTFSE takes the longest as only time removes residuals.

Can a product be “Full Spectrum” if it has gone through Colour Remediation?

Really feeling like I shouldn’t touch this other than to say product purity and product complexity are often confused. Purity is great, valued and can be appreciated. But a term like Full Spectrum was designed to be inclusive, not reductive, like concepts of purity.

Have you ever done the process with Pre-Concentrated started material, like Dry Sift?

Sift, hash and rosin, made in the presence of Co2 for chilling purposes has the potential to become carbonated under the right conditions and we see it in posts every day. Maybe most Live Rosin is carbonated at some point which backs up our understanding that our resin and solventless principles are aligned.

Do you really think it’s worth $120 a gram?

Do you really think I am going to post this to my feed?


We have products priced for the privileged and products priced for the poor. We are a cannabis company that provides our customers what cannabis gives us in all it’s forms and its rarity and purity determines its price. Cannabis determines this, we don’t wedge the entire experience into one consistency, we have many product tiers.

In addition to our multiple product options, pricing categories, consistencies and strains, we have to bend into our industry that is against these practices. That’s said we will have 25+ products coming and all will be under $99 OTD. Regardless if in the past our 0.5GM HTFSE cartridges were sold for $210 at NYC Bodegas.. that we had NO CONTROL OVER.

Thoughts on Live vs Cured Concentrates? Can Live Really be Full Spectrum?

The term Full Spectrum is lost to colloquilasim, (in a way we want to prevent HTFSE from becoming). It is now equivlalent to ‘artisanal’ and ‘All Natural.’ But beyond that we’ve discovered it’s just a handshake, a commitment, an ethos by those who claim it to say they are invested in the authentic cannabis plant experience and their products reflect that. Broad Spectrum is all that but THC Free.

We’ve come to discover that most cannabis extractions are the version of Full Spectrum the extractors intend them to be. Extractions from Live Resin are complete representations of the resin at the time of harvest. CRC spectrum is like full, but perhaps tinted, but still quite authentic in what it’s trying to accomplish. Grading Live/Cured debate is grading the resin, not the method.

Why is it Carbonated?

It was a mistake, then it was a mystery. Then it was Tasty. Then it became elegant. Then it became too much. Then it was just right.

The carbonation protects the resin during extraction and during dewaxing, it helps complete dewax, and during curing, it allows the molecules to relax and be miscible rather than tangle and polymerize.

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