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Oregon Cannabis Growers| We Tour Diamond Canna

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

This week, the Extractioneering team got the chance at an exclusive interview and tour with Sean and Julian. These two brothers have been cultivating cannabis for fifteen years and together formed a craft cannabis company – Diamond Canna.


High Quality. Maximum Efficiency.

Though Sean and Julian have their tech dialed in, they are always trying new things to improve the quality of their cannabis. They choose to never stop learning, saying, "It's extra work, but if it improves something just a little, it's worth it." They are currently conducting a trial comparing potting mediums and their effectiveness at drainage and overall performance. Diamond Canna utilizes a mix of coco and perlite, but is in the process of comparing various mediums like Royal Gold and rockwool.

Since the evolution in the Nutrient Industry, The Diamond Canna brothers decided to put their nutrients to the test. The battle between tried and true Mills Vs. RX Green was born! RX Green outperformed in weight by 16%, THC levels by 1% and there was a slight increase in terpenes. With half of their grow receiving one brand while the other half received the other, there is still room for more trials.They are continuing their research on various strains to determine if the results continue or are strain specific.

In addition to the trials comparing nutrients, potting mediums, and even pot sizes, Diamond Canna takes their efficiency one step further. Indoor cannabis cultivation requires artificial grow lights – and this team utilizes various LED lighting techniques like a light rail that helps to diversify the lighting while maximizing light coverage.

It's safe to say the Diamond Canna team is working their best to deliver the best quality cannabis to the entire expanse of Oregon.

Their indoor cannabis grow blew our minds with:

- Innovative ways of maximizing efficiency

- Incredible overall cleanliness/health of the plants

- Unique strains

Located in central Oregon, Diamond Canna supplies cannabis dispensaries with strains like Zookies, Sunset Sherbet, Snowman, and Pink Cookies.

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