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Updated: Sep 5, 2019

A J1, or Jack One, combines two popular Amsterdam strains from different decades; Jack Herer from the 90s and Skunk #1 from the 70s.

The Extractioneering method of processing will allow us to taste and feel the best parts of the dried cannabis flower of the strain. Extractioneering is the only company with the lab tests proving that they capture the full spectrum of the trichome from the dried flower. Extractioneering defines them as an extract containing the full range of potentially therapeutic biomolecules from the cannabis trichome without the non-therapeutic molecules (waxes, lipids, fats).

The smell is pungent and sharp like a skunk covered in lemonade- it’s unavoidable from the first turn on the lid.

Jack Herer, named after Cannabis activist and author of “The Emperor Wears Clothes”, was bred using a haze cut, Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. Jack Herer is known for its strong pine and mild haze terps. Some consider it to be “basic white bitch” flavor, but personally I feel like it has a lot to offer when combined with other strains. Skunk #1 combined the heavy hitters of the 1970s- Afghani, Acapulco Gold and Columbian Gold.

Don’t ask me to cite this, but the legend I’ve always heard was that Sam The Skunkman was growing skunk in Cali in the 70s but brought it to Amsterdam in 83 where (what would become) Sensi Seed bank stabilized the genetics with the strains mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph. You don’t see this strain around by itself very often in modern cannabis, but it’s impact can still be felt in many strains today such as Super Silver Haze, Lemon Skunk UK Cheese, Green Crack, Sweet Island Skunk, Roadkill Skunk...I could go on and on...I remember the first time that I saw a Skunk #1 plant in Amsterdam in 2002 at the Cannabis College. The place was kind of a joke at the time- they had gimmicky props such as “The World’s Largest Bong” ...but one thing that they did have was the smell of the entire city in its basement.

"The entire city smelled like skunky citrus. The smell radiated out of every coffee shop and down every alley, steet, and canal. That same skunky citrus smell poured from the vents of the basement at the Cannabis College. In that basement was a beautiful Skunk #1 mother plant with a stalk as big as your arm. That same smell was bred into 60% of the strains going around Amsterdam...and this was a strain from the 1970s. So, the lovechild of these two strains is Jack One, J1. The influence of each can be tasted while the combination gives us something new and different. "

The HTFSE alone is such a vivid yellow that it seems to catch the light from each angle.

For years it seemed like I could only find this strain Cali but seems to have spread throughout the country at this point.

Let’s talk about the extract. The appearance of the sugar (HC-FSE) is bright yellow with a slight orange tint. There are small, but easily visible and defined crystals sticking together with help from the HTFSE that is still present. The HT-FSE alone is such a vivid yellow that it seems to catch the light from each angle.

When opening the extract jar, the aroma is the first thing that we will notice, even before the appearance. The smell is pungent and sharp like a skunk covered in lemonade- it’s unavoidable from the first turn on the lid. The first thing that I really notice is fresh squeezed lemonade, but the smell is so complex that it doesn’t last. Decaying oranges, lime peel, and funk- a subtle funk but somewhere along the lines of old man breath and a damp basement....and I mean that in the best possible way. No, you’re not going to like Uncle Jack and his gingivitis breathing in your face, but when it comes from a plant and is mixed with oranges and lime peel, it’s a beautiful thing. The taste translates quite well from the aroma. Citrus forward, but funky citrus. Oranges, lemons, citrus peel, sweet pine. Mildly floral in a dried hops and lavender sort of way. Skunky/funky, and a sweet fuel finish. The combination of the flavors listed ​above is unique and very enjoyable.

From my experience, the effect on this extract is uplifting and creative without being tiresome. A high that will calm the mind but the body will be ready to get things done. I will stay away from the Indica/Sativa/Hybrid labeling...most everything is a hybrid these days. I find that taste can dictate effect in most cases. My palate tells me that gassy, funky terpenes come from Cannabis indica where Hazy and Citrus terpenes tend to come from Cannabis sativa, but there are rare exceptions.

Keep smoking that LOUD and dabbing that FIRE!! 

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