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Chellyblaze Rind Review

If you are reading this then you might be considering or have already purchased this new extract called RIND, it is a carbonated extract. Now a lot of you might be second-guessing this rind product simply because of the color, it comes in a bunch of different colors from light ambers to darker browns. From my understanding, the color is because the extract does not go through a process that the majority of extracts go through which is called color remediation column (CRC), and because of this the extract is able to keep some of the components that the process of CRC would take out to make it look better.

I use cannabis medically for chronic pain after a car accident as a child. Sadly the pain still affects me today. I am always looking for something that is in a good price range as I am a stay at home mom of two boys so the budget is pretty tight but I make it work. And with products like rind from Extractioneering I’m able to get my medicine without feeling guilty or mom shame for spending on a cannabis product For me rind was something I wanted to try simply because it is a whole plant extract and I personally love every bit of the cannabis plant and would prefer a full spectrum product instead of just high THC and nothing else. The full whole plant is beneficial especially for folks like myself who use cannabis to help with certain medical conditions like chronic pain. The plant's cannabinoids help the human body a lot more when all of the cannabinoids are still present, but it all depends on the preference that the consumer wants and is looking for.

The two strains of the rind that I picked up are Mojito which is an Indica and the other is orange cream which is a Sativa. The mojito has become my favorite so far. The smell of the rind is pungent and reminds me of what the actual plant would smell like if I had the buds instead. The taste is very noticeable from the Mojito. I got a very earthy plant taste with hints of citrus and the Orange Cream is straight-up fruity and earthy. The texture of the RIND is crumbly yet soft and manageable to load onto your dab tool and banger. I would definitely buy this product again. The effect of the rind did not take long to kick in. The strains I bought did what it described, the orange cream had me cleaning my house and playing music on Spotify and helped me stick to happy thoughts instead of mind racing thoughts that some Sativas bring along but a little goes a long way!. The Mojito gave me the ability to relax my muscles after a long day of cooking and cleaning but it didn't knock me out and put me on couch lock for the night which I appreciate. I did not experience any harshness on the inhale or exhale but then again I'm not one for big dabs either. The high is calming and felt throughout my body and seems to last a bit longer depending on how much I take. The extract has not left anything unwanted in my Puffco when dabbing at a low temp, nothing a simple clean up with a q-tip like any other dab.

I'd say this product is great for a consumer who wants a whole plant extract and is on a budget. With the price of rind ranging from 20$-24$ depending on if you're a medical cannabis patient or 21 and up recreational consumer. I purchased the Extractioneering product at Talent Health Club in Southern Oregon. It's definitely something I think you should try at least once. The packaging that the rind comes in has plenty of information and can literally answer whatever questions you might have. From what the terpenes are down to the percentage of cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBN, even has a QR code so you could check the testing.

Extractioneering clearly wants you to know what is in their products and that's always a good thing. Check it out and give yourself a taste of a whole plant extract.

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