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Written by Weed Master

November 13th 2017

Herb sauce, better known as terp sauce or simply “sauce” or “Weed Sauce,” is a popular new form of cannabis concentrate. Live Resin has grown in popularity in recent years due to the strong aroma and flavor imparted by a high terpene content. However, the term “sauce” is meant to take terpene content to another level… Zoom in on true broad-spectrum (full) extraction.


Most of the cannabis concentrate called “Weed Sauce” is actually Live Resin Sauce. They look like crystals soaked in syrup. Many companies claim that their sauce is a Full Spectrum Extract, but it might not be. The only company with the lab tests to prove their product contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes is Extractioneering. Dr Daniel Hayden of Extractioneering is the creator of the term "Full Spectrum Extract".


Full-spectrum extracts are a healthier way to get even more medical benefits. Indeed, Extractioneering defines them as an extract containing the whole range of potentially therapeutic biomolecules, from cannabis trichome without the non-therapeutic molecules (waxes, lipids, and fats). For a while, extractor artists have focused on targeting individual cannabinoids like THC. Because at its core, it is the main medical component of cannabis. However, research showed that cannabinoids work together with terpenes to create new medical benefits. This is what sparked interest in extracts at full spectrum.

HTFSE and Diamonds in the Hands of Razia Hayden
HTFSE and Diamonds in the Hands of Razia Hayden

Full spectrum extracts remove unwanted waxes, lipids and grease. Which can upset the throat and lungs… So they should be safer to smoke than the average BHO dabs. Traditional ways to remove unnecessary wax byproducts are called de-stacking and winterizing (to prevent cold damage). The manufacturers of full-spectrum extracts aim to preserve all of the molecules available in the trichome without consuming anything more. The trichome is where all the good things are, like cannabinoids and terpenes ...


The truth is that there are two types of full-spectrum extracts. One has a high terpene content and the other has a high cannabinoid content. The “sauce” looks like large crystals swimming in a darker liquid… It is not a full spectrum extract. Small pieces of brilliant white and yellow diamonds swimming in a pool of gold liquid or just gold liquid are the only two consistencies of full spectrum extracts.


When it is made up of tiny crystals, the full spectrum extract is called High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract or HCFSE for short. HCFSE does not contain large pieces of crystal. Large crystals are more likely to contain THCa crystals which do not contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. However, the presence of crystals does not make the full spectrum… The Extractioneering website refers to a "THCa in the form of crystals". The isolated cannabinoids take the form of isolated THCa sugars instead of a more waxy consistency. Only crystals that are neither “sauce” nor HCFSE, are extracts with high cannabinoid content or HCE. HCFSE is made up of much smaller crystals with a gold coating. For a concentrate to be considered as HCFSE, it must contain THC with a percentage greater than 90%. A high full spectrum extract (HTFSE) to 25% or more is called HCFSE.


According to the inventors of the term, HTFSE can only be made with hardened or dried material. However, many companies making sauces labeled "full-spectrum" claim to use fresh frozen material ... These products, called Live Resin Sauce, do not prove anything in terms of broad-spectrum extraction. Live Resin Sauce tends to be high in one or two monoterpenes. But it doesn't contain as many benefits as full spectrum extracts.

The high terpene full spectrum extract or HTFSE should form droplets. So if it's stringy, you're probably dealing with live resin sauce. The real HTFSE should pierce and stir as you pour it. While there is a lower THC content in HTFSE than in HCFSE, you won't avoid the slap it gets. For a concentrate to be considered HTFSE, it must have a Terpene content of 13% or more. And there should be at least 45-70% content of cannabinoids.


Lab testing is the key to ensuring that you haven't just been sold a jar of liquid terpenes… You'd better buy a bottle of e-liquid if that's the flavor you're looking for. The terpene content in your sauce shouldn't exceed 30% anyway. Otherwise, it's overwhelming ... The Extractioneering team finds that terpene levels

"Over 40% are unpleasant and tip the balance of natural chemistry."

If you want to try the real Full Spectrum (or Broad Spectrum) Extraction, Extractioneering showcases their products once a month at dinner and lunch hosted by New England Canna. There will be a buffet, bags of goodies with their products during their next lunch in southern Massachusetts… This is a bit far for us Europeans, but you have been warned ^^

Written by Weed Master

November 13th 2017

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