Learn how to make your own handcrafted creams, lotions and balms while gaining a deep understanding of basic herb knowledge. Learn how to craft products to meet your skin’s specific needs. All of our products are made, without harsh chemicals.

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Lavender Balm

Heal dry, cracked skin and speed up healing time of any cut, scrape or bruise. Deeply hydrates skin with:

Vitamin E Oil





Muscle Rub

Helps relieve pain all over the body caused by muscle and nerve issues including, but not limited to:

Muscle Sorness



Carpal Tunnel




Ease stress and anxiety with your very own hand made lemon balm with natural antioxidant properties:

Cuticle repair

Replenish dry heels


Calming irritated and itchy skin

Customer Testimonials

Angela Martinez

This balm has saved my hands! As a nurse, I'm always washing my hands and using hand sanitizer. This makes my hands feel smooth again instead of rough and calloused. I use the Honey Lavender Balm at night and by the morning, they feel like I have new skin.


Grace Cole

I am happy to say that it is just as good as the other products by Extractioneering. It goes on so smoothly, it's not greasy, does what I need it to do and doesn't make me smell geriatric! With stress rashes, I just rub this on and the rash clears up by the morning.

Betty Rivera

I was looking for a natural product that I could use while going through chemo and this worked great! This helped keep my skin soft and supple while giving it some strength. And now that the chemo is over, I still use this to help my skin recover after a day out in the sun.

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