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In 2010 sofresh farms formally began its journey to, “promote health through the regenerative cultivation and delivery of exceptional quality cannabis”. 


Owners Michelle and Tyson Haworth first joined the OMMP as Patient and Grower after Michelle’s second back surgery a few years earlier.  Unsatisfied with doctor promotion and wide acceptance of harmful prescription drugs, sofresh seeks to find a more socially and environmentally healthy alternative. Their small family farm, located in the agriculturally rich North Willamette Valley, has established and maintained industry-leading quality, social and environmental standards.

Strain: Durban Poison

This pure sativa originates from the South African port city of Durban. It has gained notoriety worldwide for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting effects. Durban Poison is the perfect strain to help you stay productive through a busy day, when exploring the outdoors, or to lend a spark of creativity.

Extract tests: Durban Poison


Strain: Veterans Kush

A wonderful strain known for relieving stress and anxiety. The flavor is much like OG Kush with a sweeter finish. The high is relaxing and long-lasting, perfect for movie night or a walk through the forest.

Extract test: Veterans Kush