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Adaptogen HCFSE Walnut Latté

Servings 2

Hazelnut and Walnut Latte
Hazelnut and Walnut Latte. Great for creamy drinks. Not great for people with nut allergies.


· 2 cup plant-based milk that you choose.

I used a mixture of homemade walnut and hazelnut milk.

· 2 dates

· 1 tbsp Biscoff butter

· 1 dab of HCFSE, Haze, preferably.

· Pinch of Himalayan salt

ADAPTOGEN ADD-INS (all or none)

· 1 tsp maca powder

· 1 tbsp ashwagandha powder

· ½ tsp bee pollen powder or pine pollen


Begin by warming the milk in a small saucepan over low heat. Mince the dates and add to the warming milk. Once the colour of the milk starts to change, from the added dates, add the biscoff butter and adaptogens. Keep on low so the mixture doesn't bubble over or burn. Once fully steeped (10 minutes) strain and pour into mugs. Enjoy.

Tips: To get my latte extra frothy, I used a whisk directly in the saucepan right before pouring into a mug.

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