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a Biotech company, specializing in luxury extracts.


Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Pulp is a popular product we rarely produce. It is the winterized portion of an extraction from fresh cannabis material harvested in early in maturation and usually freshly dried and short cured. If there was a direct comparision of our product lines to “Live Resin Sauce”, it would be this one.

This type of product is high in THCa and other cannabinoids as well as all native flavors and feels. This texture will be reminicent of the best cured rosin sauce but more effervescent.

However, this product category has has the widest variety of textures from sauce, to crystal, to whip-like. It will vary in colors from dark brown to red, then from light orange to crumble that is almost white.

"Best value concentrate for the price - maybe the best period if you just want potency - fantastic product" - William W.

"I had no idea how much I would love the rind and pulp! Definitly amazing and wicked nice!"- Brian S


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