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Diamond Canna is an OLCC licensed, Tier 1, Indoor Only, Producer based in Grants Pass. Their company is owned AND operated by Julian and the help of a few amazing employees. Diamond Canna utilizes the absolute best indoor growing procedures and technologies available to the industry, and they are constantly changing as our knowledge grows. This includes the lights, media, nutrients, beneficial, atmospheric controls, and more. Predatory insects, beneficial bacteria, microbes, and media management are just some of the tools in our arsenal to prevent pests and diseases while increasing quality. They NEVER use chemical pesticides or fungicides. The optimum environment and nutrition are what produce a superior product that is clean, safe, tasty, and potent. Diamond Canna focuses on growing incredible genetics to their maximum potential. This means increasing resin production, potency, flavor, terps, and yield.  They continually strive to improve and perfect our methods to guarantee that we produce nothing but the best Craft Cannabis available today and in the future.


Flower and Strain Information

Strain: Frozen Lemonade

Frozen Lemonade, made in house is an explosion of lemon, fuel and pine. The extract, Rind Plus Extractioneering created has notes of orange, mint and hard candy along with the burst of lemon in every jar. Make sure to grab some while it lasts.

extract testing: Frozen Lemonade

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