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The Extractioneering Family is a group of Members committed to supporting each other with knowledge. Our members come from diverse backgrounds with expansive networks from all over the world.

We are a family that wants to support society as a whole, not just ourselves. We want cannabis and the industry to continue to get better. We believe that in supporting each other, we can support the whole and that is why we want to offer you educational support for yourself and if possible, your work life. 

This idea has been alive for many years, but, never in a form that allows for anyone passing by the website to join us. The way the world works right now, it only seems fair to be more inclusionary. We have always believed that kindness and generosity make for a better outlook on life and brings with it positivity. We strive towards helping others wherever we can, regardless of your membership status. But, by becoming a member and donating your contribution, we are able to continue to help the Cannabis Community as a whole get the access they need to succeed. 


Get exclusive access to members-only meetings and events! Most of these are online as we comply with safety regulations provided by the state.

custom swag

Premium Members get an embroidered lab coat.

Or, you can pick something that has an actual value from our members-only list. Like beakers maybe?

Download a collection of Standard Operating Procedures that I collected online in one spot. Free to members.


Talk to a person who has been doing extractions for 25 years. Someone who actually did thier Doctoral Thesis on Extractions from an accredited university.

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