Cloud house

With a background in Environmental Science, Michael began his career in the Medical days of the cannabis industry working with some of the largest cannabis operations in the State.


During the transition to legalization, in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, it quickly became easy to get lost in the rolling seas of green. While the market was flooding with great sun-grown cannabis by some of the most well-funded operations, it became clear what was missing. The Love.


With a healthy balance of passion and science, Michael and his wife Sarah took it back to the drawing board and set out to create the most distinguished name in cultivation of premium, hand-crafted, true indoor flower in a small-batch micro-tier environment.


In a fully-enclosed state of the art facility, CloudHouse is able to control every aspect of the environment, ensuring that each plant is as happy and healthy as it can possibly be, with absolutely no exposure to harmful chemicals from outdoor exposure to adjacent agriculture. All our batches are cultivated in canopy sizes of under 600 square feet.


This is the kind of flower that you trim entirely by hand. The kind of flower you take pride in enjoying. The True Indoor quality you can always count on from CloudHouse. This is the Love!


Mojito: A great "social strain" popular among the heaviest smokers in the crowd and the most discerning cannabis enthusiasts alike. Strong citrus scents make this strain an easy choice at any time of day.



Snowland: A cross between Snowcap and LA Confidential with a fresh pine aroma and a THC count in the 30's, this CloudHouse staple is your go-to for an energetic walk in the woods! Active, focused, and uplifting high. Over 3% terpenes.




Purple Slurry: One of our newest strains and an instant favorite. Rumored to be Purple Haze x Slurricane cross, though its true genetic origins are a mystery. A high terpene strain with subtle notes of fruit and cream adding flavor to a pleasant, mellow high, to calm a racing mind. It is hard to find a better-looking flower, with its purple hues covered in white crystals and deep orange hairs for a burst of color. Flower tests in the high 20's for THC and just under 3% terpenes.