Meet The Team,
in no particular order.


Position: Founder, does a bit of everything. Super smart, friendly, thoughtful and can smell your bs from a mile away.


Position: Lab Manager, can make pretty much anything with limited resources. Get-it-done attitude that's 100% backed up with experience.



Position: Lab Tech, knows more than he lets on, keeps the peace, super chill, makes the day go better for everyone. Really strong.


Position: Office Manager, makes sure stuff gets to where it needs to go and does it with style. Funny, quick, friendly and dedicated.


Position: Queen of the Dabs. Makes sure what you get is excellent. Kind, introspective, powerful aura, has a great laugh.



Position: Presentation Master. Helps make sure what goes out looks good. Cool taste in music, positive and happy. Makes us all look bad for not stretching during breaks.


Position: Goddess on Deck, can do anything and has chosen to grant us with her many skills and grace. She exudes tranquility and mama-bear energy in the same breath.


Position: Numbers Guru, is just a wonderful human. Comes with Noodle, a happy, sweet, well-trained, slightly overweight Chiwawa. 



Position: Research and Development Manager. He's, sweet, creative, and hardworking. Keep him fed and everything will be totally fine. 

Dr. Hayden

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Position: Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, likes to smoke dabs and meats. Thoughtful, kind and 100% an Aries, in every aspect.


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Position: Founder, Director of Stuff, does a bit of everything. Stay back, can read your soul. Bored easily.

Will offer you food repeatedly.


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Position: Founder, COO does a bit of everything. Likes to go on cool trips, while working the whole time. Kind, compassionate and fair.


Position: Process Manager, dedicated, thoughtful, hardworking, knows his way around an extract and likes to snowboard, duh. 


Position: Sales and Photographer, Traveled down the road and back again, her heart is true, she's a pal and a confidant. 


Position: Lab tech, knows everybody. It's crazy. Can and will smoke you under the table while making you laugh.


Position: Sales Manager, holy shit can this guy drive. Is organized, kind has a lot of dogs and tattoos. They call him Mr. Anderson. Yes, he knows Kung-fu.


Position: Lab Tech, this guy is an inspiration. He's intelligent, conscientious,  dedicated and incredibly creative.